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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Letter to a friend.

Nova Scotia,

Hi Aliya,
How are you dud? I am really enjoying these days and it’s to hot for me in Hyderabad. I found out all about what you do every day, month, week, and year. I will tell you what you do and then correct me.

The thing is everyday you do a meeting or a talk with your whole family to know what they have done because like someone is an engineer we can also be engineers one day and to know more about engineering. Every week you go out for a picnic to be fresh and to go with your whole family so that they are not bored. Every month you donate money to the poor people so that they could also get some money to do things, and we should do this because the whole country should not be poor and we could also get some blessing from god. Every year you and your family do a big function in your apartment to enjoy yourself and to show your skills and be cooperative.

I gave a lot of information about what you and your family do.
Thank you,
Yours lovingly,

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