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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

writtig tasks of teacher trouble by alexander mccall smith

this book is about a small girl named jenny who is very tall and looks like an adult. she wanted to go to a new school named pond street school. on the first day, the school principal saw jenny and she thought that jenny was the nw teacher to the school. jenny was given a test about some countries and word maps that she gave all the answers wrong. afterwards, she taught the children some subjects. all he students in the school liked her! she was in trouble that the children gave lollipops and chips to eat. if she didn't ate them the children would cry. then, in that school the principal got a call that she wants to take her child back and later, th principal recognized hat it was jenny's mom.

write about a place that is similar to the setting in the story!
 this setting is as same as our school named the aga khan academy! there the teacher's and students will be happy all the times.

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  1. You've summarized the book quite well Alisha - Great efforts!

    Can you check for minor errors??